EDEX 2023 Day 3 Ukraine National Defense Industry and Singapore firm OXO Tactical


Published on 12/20/2023 – Last Updated on 12/20/2023 by OTC

Join us in this exciting Day 3 coverage of EDEX 2023, brought to you by the Army Recognition Group! Today’s feature is a deep dive into the groundbreaking defense technologies from Ukraine and Singapore.

First, we explore the National Association of Ukrainian Defense Industries (NAUDI), which brings together over 45 pioneering Ukrainian firms. Get an exclusive look at the PD-2 UAV from Ukrspec Systems, a testament to Ukraine’s advanced drone capabilities. We’ll also showcase other NAUDI highlights, including the Kvertus KVS G-6+, a mobile anti-drone system, and the Skif, an advanced anti-tank guided missile system. These companies are making a significant push to penetrate the Egyptian defense market with their innovative products.

In the second segment, we shift our focus to Singapore. OXO Tactical, a renowned firm based in Singapore, presents their latest offering – the FROGSKIN+/TQ+ uniform. Designed specifically for Security Forces, this new gear is a blend of cutting-edge technology and practicality, tailored to meet the demanding needs of modern warfare and security operations.

Don’t miss our exclusive interviews with industry experts, hands-on demonstrations, and in-depth analysis of these state-of-the-art defense technologies. Subscribe for more daily updates from EDEX 2023 and stay at the forefront of global defense innovations!

Summary of this video:
00:00 INTRO
00:29 National Association of Ukrainian Defense Industries showcases its range of products including PD-2 UAV from Ukrspec Systems, the mobile anti-drone system Kvertus KVS G-6+ and the anti tank guided missile system Skif.
05:47 Singapore based firm OXO Tactical displays its Frogskin TQ+ uniform for the
09:40 Contact details Army Recognition Group marketing and communication agency for the defense industry
09:50 OUTRO

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