Eurosatory 2024 Day 1 Summary Highlights from the Defense Exhibition in Paris, France


Published on 06/21/2024 – Last Updated on 06/21/2024 by OTC

Welcome to our coverage of Eurosatory 2024! In this video, we present a summary of Day 1 at the world’s leading defense exhibition held in Paris, France. Discover the latest innovations, key highlights, and groundbreaking technologies showcased at this premier event. Whether you’re an industry professional, enthusiast, or simply curious about the defense sector, join us as we explore what makes Eurosatory a must-attend exhibition. Don’t miss out on the exciting developments from the heart of the defense world!

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Summary of this video:

00:00 INTRO
00:48 Introduction by Alain Servaes CEO Army Recognition Eurosatory 2024 international defense exhibition in Paris, France
00:58 New generation of Main Battle Tank with Ascalon 120 main gun
01:03 New EMBT European Main Battle Tank with Ascalon 140mm main gun
01:28 Different types of helicopters and new combat vehicles are displayed at Eurosatory 2024
02:23 Avon Protection presents its full range of gas masks and protection systems for military and security forces
05:47 KNDS displays the latest generation of CAESAR 155mm self-propelled howitzer in 8×8 configuration
06:27 KNDS Griffon 6×6 armored vehicle FOV Forward Observation Vehicle variant
06:56 The new main battle tank for the French Army, the Leclerc XLR
07:35 Discover the latest variant in the Leopard 2 tank family, the Leopard 2A8
08:25 Hanwha Aerospace from South Korea displays its Chunmo Rocket/missile launcher vehicle
12:42 German Company Rheinmetall unveils its new KF51-U Main Battle Tank
13:40 Contact details of Army Recognition Group Communication and Marketing Agency for Defense and Security Industry
14:00 OUTRO

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