Exclusive Interview: Milkor’s UAV 380 – Revolutionizing Civilian Maritime Operations Eurosatory 2024


Published on 06/20/2024 – Last Updated on 06/20/2024 by OTC

Join us at Eurosatory 2024 for an exclusive interview with Milkor, where we dive into the innovative features of their UAV 380, tailored specifically for civilian maritime operations. In this comprehensive discussion, Milkor representatives provide detailed insights into how the UAV 380 is revolutionizing maritime surveillance, search and rescue missions, environmental monitoring, and more.

Discover the advanced technology and design elements that make the UAV 380 a game-changer in the civilian maritime sector. Learn about its capabilities, range, payload options, and how it enhances safety and efficiency on the water.

🔹 Key Highlights:

Introduction to Milkor and their UAV 380
Specialized features for maritime applications
Real-world use cases and benefits
Technological advancements and innovations
Future developments and plans
Don’t miss this in-depth look at how Milkor is pushing the boundaries of UAV technology to meet the unique demands of the civilian maritime industry.

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