First Combat Deployment of American M1A1 Tanks Given to Ukraine Against Russian Forces


Published on 02/25/2024 – Last Updated on 02/25/2024 by OTC

In an unprecedented display of military might and international collaboration, the 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has released gripping footage dated February 23, 2024, that captures the first-ever combat deployment of the M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks on the front lines against Russian forces. This footage not only showcases the formidable capabilities of these US-supplied behemoths but also marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing conflict. The arrival of all 31 Abrams tanks, a gesture of solidarity from the United States to Ukraine, was first confirmed by Ukrainian soldiers and US officials back in November 2022. Witness history in motion as these tanks, symbols of strength and resilience, roll into battle for the first time under the Ukrainian banner. Stay updated with the latest in military advancements and frontline reports by following Army Recognition on Google News.

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