Hellenic Navy commissions general support ship donated by ex-President


Published on 07/11/2020 – Last Updated on 07/11/2020 by OTC

The Hellenic Navy commissioned its second General Support Ship which is christened as HS Iraklis on 6th July at the Salamis naval base.

The vessel is donated by the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, belonging to the family of the ex-president Panos Laskaridis, who has purchased two oil rig service vessels in Norway for conversion into logistics vessels.

The ceremony was attended by many high-level officials including the President, ex-Presidents, Head of the Greek Parliament and many senior officers of the Hellenic Navy.

Iraklis is a larger unit than its sister-ship Atlas which was joined the Hellenic Fleet last December. HS Iraklis has a length of 85 meters and a displacement of 4,500 tons. It has two 9,600 horsepower propulsion engines, 2 main axle generators, 4 thrusters, (2 forward and 2 aft) in addition to the 2 main propulsion propellers. Its maximum speed is 15 knots, and it has a large carrying capacity of over 2,600 tons on its open deck and 4,000 tons in oil tanks.

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