John Cockerill Defense From Belgium Unveils Cockerill 1030 weapon station fitted with counter drone


Published on 03/06/2024 – Last Updated on 03/07/2024 by OTC

Welcome to our latest defense technology spotlight, where today we’re diving into an exciting unveiling from John Cockerill Defense, Belgium. They’ve just rolled out the Cockerill 1030 weapon station, now upgraded with a cutting-edge counter-drone solution, at DIMDEX 2024. We’re also looking into the future, as the new counter-drone system is not only a fit for the Cockerill 1030 but can also be integrated into the Cockerill i-X, promising even broader applications. And the innovation doesn’t stop there; plans are already in place to enable remote operation of the Cockerill 1030 from the safety of the vehicle’s rear, marking a significant leap forward in operational safety and efficiency.

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