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Published on 06/20/2023 – Last Updated on 06/21/2023 by OTC

PARIS – The 2023 Paris Air Show, one of the world’s largest aviation and space events, has attracted global attention with its latest exhibition of helicopters, aircraft, and drones. The event is being covered in detail by Army Recognition, the premier online defense magazine, providing a sneak peek into the next generation of military technology.

Summary of this video:

00:00 INTRO
00:35 Czech company PBS signs MoU with Ukraine and presents its new APU SPARK40 auxiliary power unit
03:34 Airbus Helicopters displays its full range of military helicopters at Paris Air Show 2023
04:10 VSR700 Airbus Helicopter unmanned helicopter
05:16 H145M multirole combat helicopter which can be armed with different types of weapon systems
06:22 H175M 7-ton class super-medium utility military helicopter
07:10 H225M combat-proven multi-role military helicopter.
07:45 H125M light multirole military helicopter
09:27 Contact details Army Recognition Group
09:43 OUTRO

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