Russian task group arrives Algeria for exercise


Published on 11/15/2021 – Last Updated on 11/15/2021 by OTC

The Russian frigate Admiral Grigorovich, the patrol ship Dmitry Rogachev, and the rescue tugboat SB-742 from the Russian Navy’s permanent task force in the Mediterranean Sea arrived in Algeria to participate in Joint naval maneuvers 2021 with ships from the Algerian People’s Democratic Republic’s Navy, according to the Russian MoD.

The activity will continue through November 20. Before the naval component of the exercise, the crews of the Russian and Algerian ships will undertake communication exercises, briefings on episodes of combined action, train inspection teams, hold a demonstration damage control exercise, and a pre-voyage meeting.

The exercise’s goal is to practice cooperative actions between the two countries’ fleets in order to boost regional security. The major goals of the exercise were to promote Russian-Algerian military cooperation, exchange expertise between fleets in performing specified missions, and organize and coordinate combined naval training exercises.

Project 22160 patrol ship Dmitriy Rogachyov

The exercise is being led by a representative of the Algerian Navy – the commander of the Algerian Navy’s Central Region, Rear Admiral Qaid Nordin – in accordance with the protocol agreed upon by the parties. Rear Admiral Viktor Kochemazov, commander of the Black Sea Fleet’s Novorossiysk naval station, was appointed as the exercise’s Russian commander.

The Algerian Navy is represented by the frigate Harrad, which has a helicopter onboard, the training ship La Summam, the rescue ship al-Munjid, a patrol aircraft, and a search and rescue helicopter.

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