SH Defence presents “The Cube” multipurpose module for naval vessels


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New cutting-edge equipment solution allows Navy and Coast Guard vessels to change purpose in less than 4 hours – without costly rebuilding between missions, SH Defence presented its new product with a press release. A vessel can be used for various purposes without costly rebuilding. Equipment can be exchanged within 4 hours in any harbour and are easily unpacked to enable urgent and mission-critical use.

Flexible and cost-efficient
Modern naval vessels must be capable of carrying out different missions and roles in both peacetime and wartime. This calls for solutions that enable them to quickly adapt to any new mission without a costly rebuild. A challenge the Danish company SH Defence, one of the leading providers of custom-made equipment and retrofit solutions for navy vessels, has solved in a simple, yet powerful way.

They have developed a flexible and cost-efficient modular equipment solution, that enables a vessel to act as warship on one mission, minesweeper on another – and humanitarian aid vessel (or any other role) on a third. It’s named The Cube, referring to the innovative shell carrying the equipment.

“Traditionally naval vessels are built to serve one single purpose. But a fleet consisting of fixed-purpose vessels is both inflexible and extremely costly to modify in today’s world. We are changing that course by making it fast and easy to exchange equipment of any vessel and thereby making it multi-functional. Vessels prepared for The Cube can carry out any mission”, explains René Bertelsen, Director of SH Defence.

128+ standard modules
The Cube consists of 128+ standard modules that fulfil common demands. But it is also possible to order custom-made modules that fit specific needs. The innovative shell is designed to protect the equipment and ensure it is fully reliable and operating seamlessly in both arctic areas and regions with extreme heat. All equipment is tested and proven and already in use by naval vessels worldwide.

Mission-ready in 4 hours
The modules fit ISO-standard container footprint sizes 20’ to 40’ and can easily be transported overland by train or truck or via aircraft. There is no need for special transports. Furthermore, the equipment can be quickly exchanged in any harbour and only requires a flat loading surface. And once onboard the modules are “plug and play” ready to use.

“Due to the easy logistics and the quick and cost-efficient exchange of function, the vessel is literally mission-ready within hours”, says René Bertelsen. He also points out that any vessel can benefit from the system.

Fits any vessel
“For maximum cost-efficiency and optimal use The Cube system the vessel should be designed as new build or retrofitted/rebuilt to fit the unique equipment solution. We have started to work with shipyards and design companies to integrate the Cube system on their vessels and are looking for more partners. But even fixed-purpose vessels can benefit from the modular system if container fittings are installed on the open deck. The Cube multipurpose system comes in more than 128 different modules, module loaders and mission bay doors that fit the chosen size of modules”, the Director of SH Defence ensures.

The Cube will be officially launched at Hemus 2020, the defence and equipment exhibition in Bulgaria, September 30 to 3 October.  

About SH Defence

SH Defence is a global provider of custom-made equipment, retrofit solutions and full-service for all types of naval vessels since 1973. The product line covers among others: launch and recovery systems, Mission bay doors, steering gear, winches, boat davits, A-frames and marine cranes.

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