U.S. Navy’s attack submarine visits Gibraltar


Published on 12/05/2020 – Last Updated on 12/05/2020 by OTC

The Seawolf-class fast-attack submarine USS Seawolf (SSN 21), conducted a scheduled port visit in Gibraltar on 1st December, the U.S. Navy 6th Fleet announced.

The Pacific-based submarine is operating under the command and control of commander, Submarine Group 8 and commander, Task Force 69, to complement the undersea warfare capabilities of U.S. Sixth Fleet.

“USS Seawolf exemplifies dynamic flexibility and ensures maritime security and stability in the region,” said Vice Adm. Gene Black, commander, U.S. Sixth Fleet. “The crew’s technical and tactical expertise embodies the professionalism of the submarine force.”

The crew will adhere to COVID health guidelines and rules during their stay to ensure the health and safety of the local population and Sailors on board the submarine.

Seawolf was commissioned in 1997 and is the lead submarine of its class. USS Connecticut (SSN 22) and USS Jimmy Carter (SSN 23) comprise the rest of the class. Seawolf-class submarines are quiet, fast, well-armed, and equipped with advanced sensors.

Commander, Task Force 69 is responsible for submarine warfare operations in the USEUCOM and USAFRICOM Areas of Responsibility. Specifically, Task Force 69 is composed of attack submarines and guided missile submarines capable of destroying enemy surface ships and submarines.

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