Brodosplit starts the construction of new patrol boats for the Croatian Navy


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The cutting-steel ceremony of the patrol boats for the Croatian Navy was conducted in Brodosplit Shipyard on 10th August. This ceremony was the mark of beginning construction of four vessels, and two ships are planned to be constructed at the same time.

First ship is scheduled to be delivered to the Croatian Coast Guard by 2021 and the last one in 2023.

“That is our goal and plan, considering that we have ironed out the prototype to the end, there is no reason not to literally start serial production, like on a production line,” said Ante Žižić Gušo, the technical director of the Shipyard for special facilities.

“The most important thing is that we have reached this moment when the prototype has been tested by the end user and well tested,” said Leonardo Martinović, OOB project director.

“This day is of great importance to both the Croatian Navy and the Ministry of Defense because the delivery of four more ships from the Croatian Navy series will significantly improve operational capabilities and the capability to protect national interests at sea at any time,” said Commodore Damir Dojkić, Chief of Staff and Deputy Commander of the Croatian Navy.

The ceremony was conducted with the attendance of the officials of the Croatian Navy.

The Croatian Navy is also considering the construction of a larger ship by participating in the “Eurocorvette” project, a joint project of several countries. Croatia is currently participating as an observer, and Brodosplit is also considering joining the project.

Specifications of the vessels:

  • Length: 43.16 meters
  • Beam: 8 meters
  • Max speed: 29 kts
  • Range: 1000 nautical miles with 15 kts
  • Crew: 16
  • Endurance: 10 days
  • Propulsion: 2 x 2525 kW main engines
  • Sea State endurance: equipped with an active rocking stabilization system that allows the ship to be fully operational at sea 4 and to meet NATO maritime criteria
  • Boat: 7.7-meter RHIB can carry 6 persons, with speed 40 kts and 60 nautical miles operating radius

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