Eurosatory 2024 Day 2 KNDS Centurio UGVs, Ascalon Guns, Strix Electric Motorbikes & Paradigm Shift


Published on 07/04/2024 – Last Updated on 07/05/2024 by OTC

Welcome to Day 2 of Eurosatory 2024! In this video, we explore the latest innovations in defense technology showcased by top companies. Here are today’s highlights:

KNDS France unveils the Centurio UGVs and ULTRO UGV, featuring advanced unmanned ground vehicle technology. Discover the power and versatility of the Ascalon 120 and Ascalon 140 guns, each offering unique visions for Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) with the Leclerc Evolution and EMBT. Learn how these configurations can be seamlessly switched for optimal performance. We also take a look at the Caesar Mk2, the advanced replacement for the Caesar Mk1 artillery system.

Strix from Slovenia showcases their cutting-edge electric motorbikes, designed for both civilian and military applications, offering a glimpse into the future of electric mobility.

Paradigm Shift from Canada introduces their enhanced Physical Vapor Deposition (EPVD®) technology, revolutionizing the field with improved coating processes for better durability and performance.

Summary of this video:

00:00 INTRO
01:50 Centurio Unmanned Ground Vehicle fitted with ARX 20 turret by KNDS France
03:16 Ultro-600 Unmanned Ground Vehicle in two versions
04:20 Ascalon 120mm main gun and Ascalon 140mm main gun in two separate visions, Leclerc Evolution and EMBT
05:31 Caesar Leclerc Mk2 6×6 and Caesar Leclerc Mk2 8×8 self propelled howitzers
08:16 Slovenian firm Strix displays its electric motorbikes
11:11 Enhanced Physical Vapor Deposition (EPVD) from Canadian company Paradigm Shift
14:49 Contact details of Army Recognition Group Communication and Marketing Agency for Defense and Security Industry
14:55 OUTRO

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