EDGE Group Interview: Innovative Defense Solutions and Technologies Revealed


Published on 07/04/2024 – Last Updated on 07/04/2024 by OTC

In this exclusive interview, Harry Dawson from EDGE Group delves into the forefront of defense technology and innovation. Discover the latest advancements and offerings from EDGE Group, a leader in defense and technology solutions in the Middle East.

Featured Topics:

KATIM – IT Infrastructure Security Solutions: Explore how KATIM is enhancing cybersecurity with advanced IT infrastructure security solutions.

X RANGE – Multi-Domain Test Range: Learn about the regionโ€™s first multi-domain test range providing comprehensive testing services for platforms, systems, and subsystems across air, land, sea, and electronic warfare (EW) domains.

LAHAB DEFENCE SYSTEMS: Gain insights into the manufacturing of medium and large caliber munitions, a crucial aspect of modern defense systems.

Armored Personnel Carriers – AJBAN MK2: Discover the features of the AJBAN MK2, a 4×4 ballistic and blast protected light tactical patrol vehicle designed for maximum protection and mobility.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs):

Garmoosha UAV: An overview of this versatile UAV.
QX-3 Mini UAV: A closer look at this compact yet powerful UAV.
Milrem Robotics Acquisition: Understand the strategic acquisition of the Estonian firm Milrem Robotics and its implications for the future of robotics in defense.

Desert Sting: Dive into the world of precision-guided glide weapons and their strategic advantages.

Al Tariq – Precision Guided Munitions: Explore the Al Tariq family of precision guided munitions and their role in modern warfare.

Join us for an insightful discussion on how EDGE Group is pioneering advancements in defense technology and shaping the future of security and defense.

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