CTA 40 Weapon System Transforming Armored Combat Vehicle with Revolutionary Firepower Eurosatory


Published on 06/26/2024 – Last Updated on 06/27/2024 by OTC

Get an exclusive look at the CTA 40 technology at Eurosatory 2024! Join us as we explore this revolutionary advancement in military armament with experts from CTA International. Learn how the CTA 40 is transforming armored combat with its unmatched firepower, compact design, and efficiency. Don’t miss this in-depth interview that delves into the mechanics, design, applications, and unique ammunition of the CTA 40, now mounted on the French Jaguar and the British Ajax. Watch now to understand why this technology represents a pivotal shift in modern military capabilities.

Read news about CTA 40 weapon system at Eurosatory 2024 at this link

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