EDGE from UAE displays its full range of defense products and solutions at ExpoDefensa 2023


Published on 12/07/2023 – Last Updated on 12/08/2023 by OTC

Welcome to our new video of ExpoDefensa 2023, where we dive into the exciting world of defense technology! Join us as we explore the cutting-edge showcase by the United Arab Emirates Defense Group, EDGE. Known for its advanced defense solutions, EDGE is making waves with its impressive range of autonomous systems, smart weapons, and electronic warfare technologies. Stay tuned as we give you an exclusive video report on their latest offerings, including the AI-powered HUNTER series UAVs, precision-guided munitions, and groundbreaking electronic warfare solutions. Don’t forget to hit the like button, subscribe, and ring that notification bell to stay updated on the latest in defense technology. Now, let’s step into the world of EDGE at ExpoDefensa 2023!"

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