Egypt and Saudi Arabia conduct “Morgan-16” exercise at Red Sea


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The activities of the joint Egyptian-Saudi maritime training “Morgan-16” were launched, the activities of which are taking place within the scope of the Red Sea Naval Base and the training continues for several days in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Egypt Armed Forces has announced via official website on 22nd January.

As we shared before, Egypt Armed Forces conducted a large scale joint exercise dubbed as “Qader-2020”, and just a few days later started a bilateral exercise with Royal Saudi Navy at a diffeent region. After being improved by procuring modern warships like Mistral Class Amphibious Assault Ships, FREMM Class Frigates and Gowind class corvettes, Egyptian Navy has been showing presence in order to demonstrate its power. 

Morgan-16 Exercise:

The training includes holding many theoretical lectures and training conferences, organizing an exhibition to provide weapons and equipment used in the training, as well as implementing many practical data and activities, including the implementation of several tactical ranges of the Special Forces for both sides of the various small arms, as well as the implementation of a raid on a coastal target with live ammunition with the participation of snipers’ groups.

The training aims to hone the skills and capabilities of the participating forces, and exchange experiences between the Egyptian and Saudi sides in a way that contributes to raising the combat efficiency of the navies of both brotherly countries, and getting acquainted with the latest marine armament systems Used at the regional level.

The “Morgan-16” training comes within the framework of the joint training plan for the Egyptian and Saudi armed forces to enhance maritime security measures in the region through training on joint action to confront current and future threats and unify the concepts of naval combat work for sisterly and friendly countries bordering the Red Sea, a number of Arab and African countries participate in the training as an observer.

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