Egypt conducts “QADER 2020” exercise with the participation of combined units


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Egyptian Armed Forces has conducted “Qader 2020” large scale exercise with attendance of the Naval Force, the Special Forces, and the Border Guard on 14th January.

As part of Qader 2020, which includes land, naval and air exercises, the units carried out a drill on securing the Mediterranean coast to counter a hostile naval force in coordination with the other military branches as Mohamed Naguib Military Base in Matrouh took control of the management and operations, according to a statement made by officials on 14th January.

The drills included joint training between the naval, air, coast guard and commandos forces for securing the Mediterranean Sea coast, repelling a marine attack and proving the armed forces’ capability to secure national interests and tackle all hostilities in strategic directions simultaneously. “Qader 2020″ comes as an affirmation on the Egyptian Armed Forces’ strength and readiness to secure the nation’s capabilities and wealth,” the statement said.

The Egypt Air Force also attended exercises by providing air protection for the Egyptian forces and vital targets during the drills, assisting in fighting activities of the main branches and tactical formations, and implementing air monitoring tasks for the borders.

The Egypt Air Force also participated in strategic transport work for commandos forces and in operations for the airborne paratroopers. They further provided air assistance in drills for targeting terrorist outposts in all directions, in cooperation with tactical formations preparing to implement medical evacuation tasks, and search and rescue.

The president of Egypt, Abdelfettah El Sisi, attended to the DV day of “Qader 2020” military drills. The exercises was attended by Arab and foreign leaders and several ambassadors and military attaches.

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