Eurosatory 2024: Live Demonstrations of Cutting-Edge Defence and Security Technologies


Published on 06/16/2024 – Last Updated on 06/17/2024 by OTC


Join us for an exclusive look at Eurosatory 2024’s press day, where leading French and international defense and security manufacturers showcase their latest innovations. Experience an immersive display of advanced technology and engineering excellence.

Featured demonstrations include:

UNAC – RIDER: High-performance vehicles and trailers designed for robust applications.
TECHNAMM – FENNEC: A versatile light vehicle perfect for varied terrains.
MASSTECH T6: A rugged transport solution demonstrating exceptional durability.
ARQUUS – FORTESS MK2: An armored transport vehicle offering superior protection.
ST ENGINEERING – BRONCO 3: A state-of-the-art tracked vehicle showcasing remarkable mobility.
KNDS – ESSENTIAL DECON: A decontamination truck essential for maintaining operational safety.
ARMORIC HOLDING – CENTURION D14: A specialized vehicle for law enforcement operations.
DOCULUS – ARTUS: A robotic platform pushing the boundaries of autonomous capabilities.
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Summary of this video:
00:00 INTRO
00:20 Rider vehicle from UNAC
00:56 Fennec and Fennec 2 light vehicles and Masstech T6 transport solution from Technamm
01:24 The Fortress MK2 armored transport vehicle from Arquus
01:44 Bronco 3 tracked vehicle from ST Engineering
01:58 Essential DECON decontamination truck from KNDS
02:27 CENTURION D14 from Armoric Holding
03:00 Artus robotic platform from Doculus
03:38 OUTRO

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