Explore the Future of Defense Virtual Tour of DSA 2024 Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


Published on 05/08/2024 – Last Updated on 05/08/2024 by OTC

Welcome to Day 1 of the DSA 2024 Defense Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Join us as we dive into the latest innovations and technologies in defense, security, and aerospace from around the globe. Today, we will be exploring cutting-edge exhibits, attending keynote speeches from industry leaders, and discovering new advancements that are shaping the future of defense. Whether you’re an industry professional, a tech enthusiast, or just curious about the future of global security, there’s something here for everyone. Stay tuned as we bring you exclusive insights and behind-the-scenes looks at one of the most anticipated defense exhibitions in the world. Let’s get started on this exciting journey at DSA 2024!

Summary of this video:
00:00 INTRO
00:38 Virtual tour of Defence Service Asia Exhibition and Conference DSA 2024
01:11 Army Recognition launches its new website Global Defense News during DSA 2024
02:12 The Austrian Company Schiebel promotes its range of VTOL Campcopter drone family at DSA 2024
07:02 Discover DSA 2024 defense exhibition in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia with our virtual tour
09:15 Army Recognition Group contact details
09:30 OUTRO

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DSA 2024 FNSS from Türkiye key player for armed forces in Asia region with tracked wheeled armored

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