First Steel Cutting Ceremony for Indonesian OPV


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The first steel cutting ceremony for a 90-meter OPV ship was held by the Indonesian Navy on Aug 26, 2021. The contract was won by the local firm PT.DRU (DAYA RADAR UTAMA) after beating three other local companies, including PT.PAL. The contract covers two-ship construction, one 90m OPV and one OPV. The specifications of the OPV have not been revealed yet.

90M Opv Of Indonesian Navy

The start of the construction of these 2 warships was started by the pressing of a button by the Head of the Defense Facilities Agency of the Ministry of Defense Marshal Muda TNI Yusuf Jauhari.

In his remarks, the Ministry of Defense said, the First Steel Cutting Ceremony is an important moment as a sign of the start of the ship’s physical construction process and is expected to be a good start for the continuation of ship construction.

An Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) or Offshore Patrol Vessel is a multifunctional vessel designed to protect the country’s Economic Exclusive Zone (EEZ), conduct maritime security operations, and effective disaster assistance in coastal regions.

These ships are expected to contribute to the Indonesian National defense as well.

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First Steel Cutting Ceremony For Indonesian Opv 3

Specifications of the OPV 90M

Length: 90.0 m

Breadth: 13.5 m

Height: 6.5 m

Draft:4 m

Main Engine: 4 x 7280KW MAN 16V28/33STC

Maximum Speed: 28 Knots

Cruising Speed: 70 Kts

Crew: 70 Crew+ 24 Troops

Armament: 76 mm main gun, 35 MM CIWS, 20 mm gun, SSM

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