FNSS Turkey serial production Kaplan MT Medium Tanks to Indonesia


Published on 03/21/2022 – Last Updated on 03/21/2022 by OTC

FNSS Turkey serial production Kaplan MT Medium Tanks to Indonesia

Kaplan MT Medium Tank project was initiated with G2G Agreement between the Presidency of Defence Industries of Türkiye (SSB) and the Ministry of Defence of Indonesia. In 2015, a corporation agreement was signed between DG Defence Potential of Indonesia and SSB in order to develop two prototype vehicles. Within the scope of the project under the Kaplan MT (Tiger, or Harimau in the Indonesian language) Medium-Weight Class Tank Serial Production Long-Term Collaboration Agreement signed between FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş. and PT Pindad in 2019, FNSS completed the production of the first batch of vehicles with the serial production configuration.

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