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Four Steps to Build an Effective Marketing Operations Strategy


Published on 04/12/2024 – Last Updated on 04/12/2024 by OTC

Operations management is a crucial part of any organization because it keeps everyday processes running smoothly.

Without the operations manager as the engineer of the ship, others would have trouble orchestrating the show above deck.

Marketing operations describes the function of overseeing an organization’s marketing program, planning, and strategic activities. By bringing team members with unique skill sets together, you can build a strategy that meets your most important goals. Learn four steps to create an effective marketing operations strategy, plus why it matters.

Like other operations teams, marketing operations is responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly within the marketing organization. In addition to this, they take an active support and advisory role in many marketing functions to ensure that the tactics implemented are possible with the marketing infrastructure. Below, we present the basics of marketing operations, some common roles you may see on this team, and how marketing operations affect an organization as a whole.

What is marketing operations (MOPs)?

Marketing operations describes the people, processes, and technology that turn marketing strategy into actions. Ultimately, marketing operations enables marketing teams to operate efficiently and expand as their business grows. It helps your team organize marketing initiatives, planning, and strategic activities.

Marketing operations skills

While soft skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and work ethic are important, team members in marketing operations roles won’t provide meaningful value to company marketing efforts without the following hard skills:

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Create clarity with your MOPs workflow

A marketing team is a large ‘Mind-Machine’ with many different working gears, and it’s important that there’s a team dedicated to ensuring that machine works properly. Create clarity on your marketing team by establishing one central source of truth and direction.


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