Hanwha Systems to develop combat system and multifunctional radar for KDDX destroyer


Published on 09/21/2020 – Last Updated on 09/21/2020 by OTC

Hanwha Systems was selected as the final preferred bidder to provide the combat system and multifunction radar for South Korea’s KDDX destroyer programme on 16 September, the company announced.

According to the press release, Hanwha Systems will provide crucial equipment such as a combat management system and multifunction radars for South Korea’s next-generation 6,000-ton “mini Aegis” destroyer that will have cruise missiles, advanced sensors, a missile defense system and stealth characteristics, all built with pure domestic technologies.

Hanwha System was selected as the preferred bidder for a deal worth 670 billion won ($567 million) to provide a phased array multifunction radar (MFR) for surveillance, tracking, and fire control as well as the combat management system (CMS), which serves as the brain of a warship and operates sensors, weapons, communications and a command system.

The KDDX’s integrated mast (I-MST), which improves the stealth capability of the ship, will house a dual-band multifunction phased-array radar using the S-band for long-range anti-aircraft and ballistic missile detection and tracking, alongside the X-band for short-range anti-aircraft and sea-level target detection and tracking.

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Infrared search and tracking (IRST) sensors, and identification friend-or-foe (IFF) devices will also be installed on the mast.

South Korea will build six 6,000-ton KDDX-class (KDX-IV) stealthy destroyers by 2030 for 7.8 trillion won. Hanhwa Systems will work with the state-run Agency for Defense Development to provide CMS. The KDDX-class destroyer will use a new system that improves stealth capabilities, along with multifunction radars to detect missiles, aircraft and the surface of the sea at the same time.

“At a time when an arms race by neighboring powers is fiercer than ever, I feel a great sense of responsibility and mission to participate in the next-generation destroyer development project, which incorporates pure domestic technology,” said Hanwha Systems CEO Kim Yeon-chul. “We will do our best to create a warship with the best-advanced brainpower beyond Aegis destroyers with technologies accumulated through the development of combat systems and radars for domestic and foreign ships.”

Hanhwa Systems has improved technical skills by acquiring the business and asset of Phasor Solutions, a Britain-based satellite communication antenna developer. Phasor’s antenna systems are suitable for land-mobile, aeronautical, defense, and maritime satellite communication applications.

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