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How B2B Companies Use Content Marketing


Published on 04/23/2024 – Last Updated on 04/23/2024 by OTC

Is content marketing important for B2B companies? And if so, why is it important?

As a B2B marketer, you likely already know that content marketing is crucial for connecting with your target audience. However, presenting to company stakeholders the reasons why content marketing matters may not be as easy.

Content marketing should be an integral part of a comprehensive B2B marketing strategy. Unfortunately, we often see that B2B firms don’t understand the true value of content marketing or how it helps to achieve overall business goals. Those that don’t understand the value of content marketing think of it as “just blogging” or worse, a “busywork” activity.

Getting buy-in from these key stakeholders is critical for ensuring your marketing strategy has the best chance of success. Having the approval of the decision-makers in your business can, in turn, make it easier to get sign-off on your marketing budget, resources and campaign ideas.

In this article, we explore how B2B firms are leveraging content marketing to support and further business objectives. By looking at how Companies are successfully using B2B content marketing tactics, we explore how a content strategy supports the business.

The Power of Content Marketing
for the B2B industry

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This is particularly true for B2B SaaS firms that are continually innovating and improving their software offering. In some cases, simply communicating all the new upgrades, features, and capabilities via new blogs, product updates, and comparison charts will educate your current clients and reinforce that they are using the right product for them. Often, client retention is about continuing to impress and educate your clients.


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