Iran makes power demonstration with a naval parade in the Persian Gulf


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Amid the high tension in the region, a group of naval assets of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps conducted a naval parade in the Persian Gulf on 9th January.

The naval parade was performed near Iran’s Farsi Island where Iranian forces seized two U.S. navy boats and 10 crew members for less than one day in January 2016.

The video shared by the state TV showed numerous vessels participated in the manoeuvre. Iranian state TV said hundreds of boats participated.

The nuclear-power Ohio-class guided-missile submarine USS Georgia (SSGN 729), along with the guided-missile cruisers USS Port Royal (CG 73) and USS Philippine Sea (CG 58) entered the Gulf two weeks ago and Pentagon has ordered the Nimitz Carrier Strike group to continue its deployment in the region. Iran is completely aware that the Swarm Attack concept of Iran is considered as a big threat to the U.S. Navy assets. The naval parade could be considered as an answer to the U.S. Navy.

Besides, Iran seized a South Korean oil tanker and its crew members in the Gulf, which it has continued to hold at an Iranian port last week just like they had seized a British-flagged oil tanker and held it for months after one of its tankers was held off Gibraltar.

Iran periodically holds military manoeuvres in the Gulf waters and elsewhere in the country that it says aim to improve the readiness of its armed forces. Earlier on Tuesday, Iran held a massive drone-only drill coordinated across different points in the country.

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