NATO Maritime and Air assets conduct training in the Baltic Sea


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On their transit to Riga, NATO ships with Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 (SNMG1) sailed into the Baltic Sea and conducted air-maritime integration operations with the NATO fighters and NATO AWACS aircraft, NATO Maritime Command announced.

On Thursday August 13, Allied ships and aircraft conducted air-maritime integration training in the Baltic Sea seizing an opportunity to enhance their interoperability and networking skills and test their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).

On their way to a port visit in Riga, the SNMG1 ship HMCS Toronto and the NRP Corte Real sailed into the Baltic Sea where they conducted air defence training with NATO air forces. SNMG1 is a very high readiness group of ships , which patrols the waters of northern Europe from the Baltic to the Atlantic. A NATO AWACS aircraft was on-station to provide surveillance of the ships’ movement as Spanish F-18 and French Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets conducted an overflight of the ships.

“Close coordination between AIRCOM and MARCOM brought together this great interoperability and integration training,” said Allied Air Command Deputy Chief of Staff  Operations,  US   Brigadier  General Andrew Hansen, who oversaw the air-maritime integration activities at the Operations Centre in Ramstein. “We demonstrated NATO’s responsiveness, the increasing interconnectivity between our airmen and sailors and our ability to operate under combined and joint TTPs,” he added

The Spanish and French fighters are with NATO’s Baltic Air Policing mission and conducted the air-maritime interoperability activity as a training event. NATO AWACS aircraft and NATO Control and Reporting Centres in the Baltic region controlled the multi-national activity proving connectivity and communications links.

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