NATO Mine Countermeasures Group-1 participates in Sandy Coast exercise


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After several weeks operating in the most Northern part of Europe and on completion of a successful historical ordnance disposal operation in Norwegian waters, Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group One (SNMCMG1) is taking part in the mine countermeasures exercise Sandy Coast 20 off the coast of Belgium, NATO MARCOM announced.

From September 1 to 11, 2020 SNMCMG1 including flagship LNS Jotvingis, HNLMS Schiedam, BNS Crocus, LVNS Imanta, FGS Groemitz, HNoMS Maaloy, and ENS Admiral Cowan will participate with a NATO partner Finnish vessel Vahterpaa in the international mine countermeasures exercise.

The exercise is led by the Admiralty Benelux (ABNL). This is a unique collaboration between the Belgian and the Royal Dutch Navies.

The Sandy Coast exercise provides a unique opportunity to challenge participants by exercising experimental tactics, and explosive ordnance device (EOD) techniques and procedures. The 2020 edition equally focuses on harbour protection, and shore-based mine countermeasures operations.

“Time spent together up in the North unified our Group’s actions and procedures which empower Group staff in certain situations to make a fast decision and delegate tasks in the limited time provided. I am looking forward to the challenges ABNL has prepared, and I have full confidence in the units and staff members under my command,” said the Lithuanian Commander Audrius Venckunas, Commander of SNMCMG1.

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