Naval Group delivers ARA Bouchard OPV to Armada Argentina


Published on 01/15/2020 – Last Updated on 01/15/2020 by OTC

The Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) L’Adroit has adopted the Argentinian flag and becomes the A.R.A. BOUCHARD.

The first one of the four OPVs ordered by Argentina has been designed and developed by Naval Group on its own resources. Handed over to the Argentinian Navy two months ahead of schedule and after only ten months of upgrade and modernization works. The three others OPVs will be delivered from April 2021 at the pace of one unit every six months.

On January 8, it was delivered to the Argentine Navy, two months ahead of schedule and after only ten months of upgrading and modernization. The other three OPVs will be delivered from April 2021 at the pace of one unit every six months.

The L’Adroit became the ARA Bouchard in February and incorporated in December. Naval Group teams have done a great deal of technical work to maximize the ship’s potential for the Argentine Navy and tailor it to their needs. Major operations were carried out, especially to modify the combat system to make it compatible with customer needs, enhancing the ship’s capabilities, modifying the propulsion system, increasing its autonomy, enhancing its water production capacity. sweet and equipping the ship with a 30mm cannon.

The Argentine crew also received specific navigation training from the Naval Group team, which also provided logistical support and all associated documentation.

“This project is a great pride for the Naval Group service teams who have met Armada Argentina’s expectations,” explained Nathalie Smirnov, Director of Services, Naval Group. “Technical and industrial operations were carried out in advance, although this program involved a complete overhaul of the platform, not a traditional service support operation. We are very proud to deliver the first ship to the Argentine Navy ahead of schedule. This is yet another demonstration of Naval Group’s commitment to its customers and its ability to respond to their operational needs, ”said Alain Guillou, Senior Executive Vice President, Naval Group. “This is the beginning of a long-term relationship with the Argentine Armada,” said Olivier Michel, vice president of sales for Latin America.

The first delivery is within the scope of the contract with Argentina, which it chose in February to equip its Navy with four OPV 87, including L’Adroit . This ship was used by the Marine Nationale from 2011 to 2018, demonstrating the relevance and operational value of this new class of OPV in theaters.

The OPV 87 is a multi-purpose ship.

Involved in various military missions, but also in fisheries control and maritime security, especially in the European anti-piracy initiative, Operation Atalante, L’Adroit has demonstrated its efficiency and the relevance of innovations developed by the Naval Group to serve the Navy, Special Forces and Coast Guards.

Argentine OPV benefits from innovations proposed by the Naval Group and proven in combat by the French Navy:

Long range and excellent behavior at sea
360 ° visibility gangway with single mast for panoramic radar coverage
Discreet and secure launch of Special Forces speedboats in less than five minutes thanks to an ingenious OPV bow ramp system
Predisposition for the use of both aerial and surface drones
ARA Bouchard is equipped with the Polaris® system, developed specifically by the Naval Group for mission at sea and proven by the French Navy.

Technical Characteristics

The OPV is capable of staying at sea for more than three weeks, reaching a speed of 20 knots and accommodating a helicopter. With a reduced crew of forty, it can also accommodate about twenty extra passengers.

Length: 87 meters
Beam: 14 meters
Displacement: 1,650 tonnes
Speed: 20 knots (Maximum)
Accommodation: 60 (crew and passengers)
Range:> 7,000 nautical miles
Boarding Capacity: Two 9-meter light craft and up to 10-ton helicopter .

“NAVIRIS” JV consists of Fincantieri and Naval Group is fully operational

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