Naval Group launched the 4th and final OPV 87 for the Argentine Navy


Published on 09/23/2021 – Last Updated on 09/23/2021 by OTC

The A.R.A. Contraalmirante Cordero, the final of the four Offshore Patrol Vessel 87 (OPV 87) ordered by the Argentine Navy to Naval Group, was launched this Tuesday 21 September in Concarneau.

This launch is part of the contract signed by Naval Group with Argentina in 2018 to provide four multi-mission offshore patrol vessels (OPV 87). A.R.A. Bouchard (ex-L’Adroit) had been delivered in December 2019 and A.R.A. Piedrabuena on 13 April 2021. A.R.A. Storni was launched on 10 May 2021 and will be delivered next October, in accordance with the original contractual schedule and despite the global health situation.

The last vessel of the series will offer the same assets and characteristics as the A.R.A. Piedrabuena and Storni. It benefits from an optimized motorized system, an active stabilization system, and a bow thruster. It is also “Ice proven”, i.e. adapted to navigation in the cold waters of Antarctica.

The Argentinean Offshore Patrol Vessels benefit from innovations developed by Naval Group and sea proven by the French Navy, which has operated L’Adroit in several oceans for six years for multiple maritime security operations, either alone or in cooperation with other Navies:

• Very high endurance and excellent sea-worthiness;
• An innovative design inspired by the best techniques used in the naval defence industry;
• A 360° visibility from the bridge and a unique mast for a panoramic radar coverage;
• The discrete and safe implementation in less than five minutes of fast crafts for Special Forces thanks to an ingenious ramp system at the bow of the patroller;

4Th Opv 87 A.r.a. Contraalmirante Cordero

This range of ships also benefits from the Naval Group’s expertise in information and command systems, allowing for extensive surveillance of the maritime space and the detection of suspicious behaviors. The A.R.A. Contraalmirante Cordero is equipped with the Polaris system and NiDL tactical data link system, specifically developed by the Naval Group for state missions at sea and sea proven by the French Navy.

About OPV 87:

The ship measures 87 meters in total length and 14 meters in beam. The ship’s full load displacement is 1,650 t. The OPV’s top speed exceeds 20 knots. She has a capacity of 59 people (crew and passengers) and is capable of carrying helicopters weighing up to ten tons.

ARA Storni is armed with a Leonardo MARLIN – WS, an advanced system developed to meet the emerging requirements of modern naval warfare. It is capable of serving as the primary armament for small ships or as a secondary armament for larger ships, with no deck penetration and simple installation.

Check out Naval Library App to find out the specifications of the OPV 87.

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