Partner 2023 Day 2 Defense Exhibition Belgrade Serbia discover Serbian modern defense products


Published on 09/26/2023 – Last Updated on 09/27/2023 by OTC

Welcome to Day 2 of the Partner 2023 defense exhibition in Belgrade, Serbia. Join the Army Recognition editorial team as we delve into the latest innovations in defense products. From cutting-edge tanks and Infantry Fighting Vehicles to advanced artillery systems, combat aircraft, and helicopters — experience the forefront of Serbian defense technology. Stay tuned for an exclusive look into the future of defense. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more in-depth coverage!

Summary of this video:
00:00 INTRO
00:15 Virtual tour of Partner 2023 defense exhibition in Belgrade Serbia
01:30 Serbia Unveils Advanced "HARPAS" Mobile Air Defense System Based on M-84 Tank Chassis
02:55 Technical review about the new M-84AS2 MBT Main Battle Tank
04:45 Serbian army displays M-80AB2 modernized IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle
05:53 Discover aircraft developed by the Serbian Aerospace Industry including the Sova, Lasta, and Orao modernized fighter
07:24 Helicopters in service with the Serbian armed forces: Gazelle, Mi-17, and H-145M
08:30 New version of PR-15 Battlefield Surveillance Radar
10:09 Full range of NORA 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer at partner including the NORA-B52 and the NORA-B52 M21
11:32 Yugoimport introduces its new NORA-B52 NG New Generation during Partner 2023
11:46 Contact details of Army Recognition Group
12:01 OUTRO

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Partner 20213 Day 1 Defense Exhibition Belgrade Serbia discover Serbian modern defense products

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