Russian Frigate collided with a Swedish merchant ship in Danish waters


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According to the reports of the Danish Armed Forces, a civilian vessel called Ice Rose and a Russian frigate (name and type is not specified) had collided in the Oresund Strait (Sound), between Denmark and Sweden.

There has been no pollution at all, and no one on board the boats has been evacuated, Lisbeth Jorgensen, duty officer at the Danish Armed Forces’ operations centre, said.

Image Source : Maritime Bulletin

The civilian vessel is reported as a container ship, and there hasn’t been an oil leak after the collision.

The reasons of the collision is unclear, but the reports say it was foggy in the area. Since the accident happened on the Danish side of the strait, Denmark is leading the investigation. The country has also reportedly asked for Sweden to help and the sea rescue has sent a couple of units and the coast guard to the site.

Conflicting reports suggest that both ships were in motion when the Russian frigate collided with the Danish container ship.

Ice Rose is being watched to ensure that it can stay afloat safely. According to seafaring monitoring data, Ice Rose was on its way from St. Petersburg to Gothenburg.

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