SAAB delivers A-19 class submarine HSwMS Gotland to Swedish Navy after modernization


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A19 Class submarine Gotland was redelivered to Swedish Navy on May 14, after major modernization by Saab Kockums. Now features a new AIP system, modern optronic mast, improved sensor suite and a new 2-meter hull section.

Swedish Armed Forces described the Gotland as the most modern, quietest and most efficient submarine in the Baltic and the North Sea after the upgrades.

HMS Gotland is the first of two Gotland submarines that have undergone half-time modification. The other is HMS Uppland, which will soon be ready for delivery. The modifications include a new ship surveillance system, a new combat and fire management system, diving locks and more modern Stirling engines. This means that the submarines are even quieter, making it harder to hunt and fight.

The submarines have also been extended by two meters by cutting the pressure hull in the middle and welding it together again. The new two-meter section allows, among other things, new systems for energy optimization inboard.

HSwMS Gotland was designed and built by Kockums in Malmö in the early 1990’s and commissioned in 1996

Modification of the two Gotland submarines represents a major step towards the next generation of submarines in the Swedish Armed Forces, which goes under the designation A26. The two new submarines will be renamed HMS Blekinge and HMS Skåne. Since the first submarine in the series decides what the class is called, it becomes submarine type Blekinge.

Submarine type Blekinge is currently being built by Saab Kockums. Many of the systems are the same as in the newly modified which gives many advantages. One is, for example, the crews’ ability to switch places of service between both types of submarine. It increases operational endurance and reduces the sensitivity of staff vacancies.

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