Severnaya Shipyard to deliver lead corvette of Project 20385 end of December


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The Severnaya Shipyard (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) is set to deliver the Project 20385 lead corvette Gremyashchiy to the Russian Navy on December 25, Shipyard’s CEO commented on 12th November.

“It is undergoing state trials. Under the contract, [the delivery is scheduled for] December 25. We expect that we will comply with this timeframe. The Gremyashchiy is undergoing the stage of state trials and everything is proceeding according to plan,” the chief executive said.

The Gremyashchiy is the Project 20385 lead corvette laid down at the Severnaya Shipyard on February 1, 2012 and floated out in June 2017. The corvettes of this Project developed by the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau are designated to detect and destroy enemy submarines and surface ships, provide for troop landing and cope with numerous green-water tasks.

Project 20385 corvettes displace 2,200 tonnes, have an operating range of 3,500 miles and their sea endurance is 15 days. They are armed with Kalibr-NK universal missile systems, Redut anti-aircraft missile launchers and Paket anti-submarine warfare technology.

Compared to the ships of the previous Project 20380, the Gremyashchiy carries Kalibr-NK and/or Oniks cruise missiles. The corvette is expected to enter service with Russia’s Pacific Fleet. Project 20385 envisages a hangar for a Ka-27 helicopter.

It was earlier reported that the corvette Gremyashchiy might be subsequently armed with Tsirkon hypersonic missiles.

The corvette was named after the Northern Fleet’s legendary destroyer Gremyashchiy that fought during the Soviet Union’s 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War against Nazi Germany. For its successful operations at sea during the war, the destroyer was awarded the Guards title while its commander, 1st Rank Captain Anton Gurin was bestowed with the Hero of the Soviet Union title.

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