Taiwanese Navy launches first indigenous rapid mine-laying vessel


Published on 08/05/2020 – Last Updated on 08/05/2020 by OTC

The Taiwanese Navy held a launch ceremony on 4th August for Taiwan’s first indigenously-built rapid mine-laying ship as well as a keel-laying ceremony for the second of four minelayers that are part of the government’s indigenous ship-building project.

The event indicates the expansion of Taiwan’s swift underwater mine-laying and joint defense capabilities, the Navy said in a statement.

The minelayer project was developed based on enemy threat and combat needs after integrating the military’s mine-laying combat plans, the officials of the Taiwanese Navy stated. It will make it easier to prevent enemy vessels from sailing near Taiwan, the statement said.

Navy Admiral Liu Chih-pin and Lung Teh Shipbuilding Co. Chairman Huang Shou-chen jointly hosted the event at Lung Teh shipyard in Yilan County.

In terms of rapid mine-laying ships, the Taiwanese Navy said last year, when construction began, that the vessels will be equipped with T-75 20-millimeter automatic guns and T-74 machine guns.

The minelayers will also have a newly developed automatic mine-laying system and propulsion equipment that allows them to lay mines speedily and precisely.

Delivery of the third and fourth mine-laying ships is scheduled to be made by the end of 2021.

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