Turkey officially launches indigenous FAC project


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Turkey’s leading defence company STM updated its website yesterday and promulgated important information about Turkey’s indigenous fast attacking craft project named “Turkish Type FAC” that the Term-1 Contract Design Agreement of the project was signed between the Turkish Defense Industry Presidency and STM company on 31 August 2020.

“Within the scope of the contract, defining the system requirements, concept selection, preliminary design and contract design activities of Turkish Type FAC will be carried out.” says in the announcement.

STM, which is the main contractor of the project, has already made a specific design design named “FAC55” and the Turkish Type FAC is expected to be developed based on this design. The design was made in accordance with the framework of the task of establishing and maintaining sea control in the operation areas of the Turkish Naval Forces.

“Our Turkish Type FAC Project, for which a Design Contract has been signed between our Presidency and STM, will strengthen our navy. Turkish Type FACs will contribute to the protection of our interests in our maritime jurisdiction with their effective manoeuvrability, high strike power and national systems they will carry.” said Ismail Demir, President of Turkish Defence Industries Presidency, in an interview with Turkish defence portal

FAC 55:

FAC-55 is a monohull vessel designed to perform sea warfare and patrol on the open seas, under heavy sea and weather conditions, equipped with gas turbine propulsion system, conforming naval norms/standards and classification rules.

FAC-55 has been mainly designed for the following tasks;

  • Acting as fast attack craft and participaing in selected offensive operations
  • Coastal and offshore patrolling & monitoring
  • Air and sea surveillance & control

FAC-55 has the following capabilities;

  • 55+ knots maximum speed
  • 1000 nautical miles endurance at 20 knots economical speed
    Operations up to sea state 5
  • Non-magnetic steel hull and superstructure
  • Reduced radar cross-section (RCS)
  • Reduced infrared signature (IR)
  • Reduced acoustic & magnetic signature

Key Specifications:

  • Length Overall: 62.67m
  • Length Waterline: 55.98m
  • Draught: 1.68m
  • Displacement: 535 tons
  • Max. Speed: 55+ knots
  • Economical Speed: 18 knots
  • Endurance: 1000nm at 20 knots
    750nm at 50 knots

Tank Capacities:

Fuel: 90 tons
Fresh Water: 8 tons

Sensor & Weapons:

  • 3D Search Radar / IFF
  • ARPA/LPI Navigation Radar
  • E/O Director
  • HF/VHF/UHF Communications Systems
  • 1x STING Radar
  • 1x 76mm Gun
  • 2x 12.7mm STAMP
  • 1x RAM PDMS
  • 4×2 AShM (Harpoon or Atmaca)
  • 2x CHAFF Decoy

Main Propulsion

  • COGAG 28 MW
  • 3x Water Jets

Power Generation

  • 3x200kW Diesel Generators



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