Turkey’s future unmanned aircraft MIUS to operate on LHD Anadolu


Published on 07/20/2021 – Last Updated on 07/20/2021 by OTC

Turkish drone-maker, BAYKAR Defence, introduced the unmanned aircraft MIUS (means Milli Insansiz Ucak Sistemi-National Unmanned Aircraft System) on 20th July on Twitter. They made the announcement on the first day of Eid, and declared it as a gift.

According to the rendering Baykar shared, MIUS will take off from LHD Anadolu, which is planned to be converted into a drone-carrier ship after Turkey was removed from the F-35 project with CAATSA sanctions.

Baykar had announced that they have been working on a brand-new drone model, TB-3 Bayraktar, and the head of Turkish Defence Industries told the press that LHD Anadolu is planned to carry 30-50 drones and will be able to control 10 drones in the air.

Turkey’s Future Unmanned Aircraft Mius To Operate On Lhd Anadolu 3

After Baykar’s announcement Selcuk Bayraktar, Chief Technology Officer of Baykar, stated on a video he released on Twitter that MIUS will be able to fly around 1 mach speed.

“The payload capacity will be around 1500-2000 kilograms and able to launch various missiles including air-to-air, air-to-surface and cruise missiles,” Selcuk Bayraktar said.

“MIUS will be the first step of the unmanned fighter aircraft of the future. It will feature sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms” Bayraktar added.

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