Unveiling Iran’s Power at DIMDEX 2024: IRIS Jamaran, IRIS Separ, and Shahed 149 Gaza Drone


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In this exclusive presentation, Army Recognition Group takes you inside the Islamic Republic of Iran’s pavilion at DIMDEX 2024, offering a close look at Iran’s formidable naval and aerial military capabilities. Join us as we explore three of Iran’s advanced military assets that underscore the nation’s strategic defense initiatives and technological advancements in warfare.

Featured Military Assets:

IRIS Jamaran (Moudge Class Frigate): A frontline surface combatant in the Iranian Navy, the IRIS Jamaran is a testament to Iran’s indigenous shipbuilding capabilities. This Moudge class frigate, equipped with sophisticated weaponry and radar systems, serves as a key player in Iran’s maritime security and defense strategy.

IRIS Separ (Sina Class Fast Attack Craft): Agile, swift, and heavily armed, the IRIS Separ represents the Sina class’s prowess in fast attack strategies. Designed for quick assaults and maritime interdiction, this vessel showcases Iran’s tactical versatility and commitment to protecting its waters.

Shahed 149 Gaza Drone: A leap in unmanned aerial technology, the Shahed 149 Gaza drone highlights Iran’s innovative strides in UAV development. Capable of long-duration flights and precision strikes, this drone adds a significant layer to Iran’s asymmetric warfare capabilities.

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Summary of this video:
00:00 INTRO
00:27 General presentation of the Islamic Republic of Iran pavilion
01:02 The Moudge class frigate IRIS Jamaran
02:02 The Sina class fast attack craft IRIS Separ
02:36 The Shahed 149 Gaza Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
03:40 Contact details Army Recognition Group marketing and communication agency for the defense industry
03:56 OUTRO

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