Cockerill i X World’s Fastest Combat Vehicle Capable of Hitting Targets at Speeds Up to 120 km/h


Published on 02/05/2024 – Last Updated on 02/06/2024 by OTC

Join us at the World Defense Show 2024 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for an exclusive interview that showcases a significant leap in defense technology. The Belgian Defense Company, John Cockerill Defense, presents the Cockerill® i-X 4×4 combat vehicle, now celebrated as the world’s fastest wheeled combat vehicle. Achieving remarkable speeds up to 120 km/h and delivering unparalleled accuracy, the Cockerill® i-X has set new benchmarks in the armored combat vehicle sector since its introduction two years ago. Stay tuned as we delve into the evolution, capabilities, and strategic advantage this vehicle offers on the battlefield, directly from the innovators behind this groundbreaking advancement.

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Exclusive Virtual Tour: Discover New Defense Products at World Defense Show 2024 Riyadh Saudi Arabia

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