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Welcome to an exclusive exploration of the Serbian defense industry, a realm where innovation meets combat readiness. Serbia, a nation with a rich history of military prowess, continues to make strides in modern warfare technology. Today, we’ll be delving deep into the heart of Yugoimport, Serbia’s leading defense company. From state-of-the-art combat vehicles to precision artillery, from formidable air defense systems to cutting-edge missiles, bombs, and drones, Yugoimport is redefining the boundaries of military tech. Join us as we unveil the latest breakthroughs and marvel at the genius behind Serbia’s defense innovations. Prepare to be amazed!

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Summary of this video:
00:00 INTRO
00:15 Overview of the Serbian Defense Industry by Aleksandar Lijakovic, Director of the Direction for Commercial Businesses of Yugoimport
02:36 Wheeled combat vehicles of Serbia including Lazar 8×8 and Mislosh 4×4
09:08 Nora a family of modern wheeled self-propelled howitzers and the new NORA B-52NG
13:21 Yugoimport has developed a full range of MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket Systems including Tamnava, M-17 Oganj and Sumadija
14:30 Yugimport loitering munition or kamikaze drones Raven 145 and Osica
16:12 Serbian armed drones in quadcopter or fixed-wing configuration fitted with rockets, anti-tank missiles, mortar bombs, or grenades
17:13 Unmanned Ground Vehicles UGV Milosh 1 and Milosh 2 armed with machine gun and anti-tank rocket launchers
18:41 New heavy loitering missile weapon systems Vila 1 and Vila 2 that can be launched from the ground or by aircraft
21:10 Serbian 6×6 MRAP Mine Resistant Ambush Protected combat vehicles Zastava M-20
22:25 Contact details of Army Recognition Group media and communication agency for the defense and security industry
22:40 OUTRO

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