Intermarine to reduce risks of Italian Navy’s new-generation minehunters


Published on 02/16/2021 – Last Updated on 02/16/2021 by OTC

Intermarine, a company in the Immsi industrial group (IMS.MI), has signed a contract to study “risk reduction and definition of the project for a new-generation minehunter” for the Italian Navy, Immsi Group announced with a press release.

The contract is part of the modernization programs of the fleet of Mine Countermeasures ships of the Italian Navy, which foresee, also according to what is set out in the Multi-annual Defense Planning Documents of the last two years, the construction in the next years of 12 new units destined to replace the 4 Lerici Class and the 8 Gaeta Class minesweepers.

The new boats will be built in two versions, using the same construction technology as the Navy’s existing vessels (i.e., shell in composite material, with the hull in ultra-thick fiberglass without a reinforced frame), but will be larger.

An initial version approximately 60 meters long, named “Costiera”, will be the natural evolution of the boats currently in service. In addition to larger dimensions and higher performance, it will also incorporate several unmanned surface and underwater systems in line with the sector’s latest trends.

Given the current capacity requirements, the second version, “d’Altura”, with a length of around 80 meters, will be a new-generation vessel and therefore has no immediate design references either in Italy or internationally concerning size and performance. It will employ new propulsion systems and a wide range of autonomous vehicles and equipment.

The purpose of the study commissioned from Intermarine is to examine the various propulsion systems indicated today and select the most suitable method for the new vessels, particularly for the “d’Altura” version. Considering effectiveness, cost, and environmental considerations, the Italian Navy will choose the design it considers most appropriate as the basis for the development, at a second stage, of the primary project in preparation for the start-up of future production.


Intermarine, based in Sarzana and La Spezia, is an Italian shipyard that develops, designs and manufactures ships for defense and civil use, as well as marine systems and components.

Born as a shipyard specializing in the design and production of pleasure boats in glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP), the company of the Immsi Group initially started the production of pleasure boats. Over the years the company has expanded its production range and continued to invest in technological research dedicated to the best development and enhancement of construction materials (FRP and aluminum), together with the optimization of the hull and stability systems.

Today the production is mainly composed of: Mine Countermeasure Vessels, fast patrol boats (Fast Patrol Boats), hydrographic vessels, and fast ferries.

Intermarine Facilities (Photo Courtesy Of Intermarine Group)

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