Kongsberg plans to offer Vanguard platform to the Mediterranean market


Published on 11/05/2021 – Last Updated on 11/05/2021 by OTC

On October 5, the Norwegian defense company Kongsberg announced a meeting with the Croatian KONGSBERG subsidiary NAVIS, Salt Ship Design AS, and Croatian Kongsberg Maritime personnel. The attendees discussed and planned how their multi-purpose navy vessel, the VANGUARD platform, could be given to prospective upcoming Offshore Patrol Vessel programs in the region.

About Vanguard:

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The VANGUARD is a highly agile and adaptable multi-purpose naval vessel – an innovative system for territorial waters surveillance and protection. It is a maritime system adaptable and affordable to every role relevant to achieve this understanding and to act accordingly. The effective area covered by VANGUARD is the combined areas of the mothership and the UAVs/USVs acting in manned, remote or autonomous modes.

The mothership is truly a “workhorse” built around a multi-purpose hangar supporting both helicopters, UAVs, and USVs according to role as needed. Change of roles is done in hours.

The ship is designed for Organic Vehicle launch and recovery in high sea states, and the hangar is optimized with an elevator and handling system in order to prepare for new tasks and maintain equipment. Equipment for different roles is packed in ISO containers.

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Key Features

  • A mothership/USV/AUV/UAV design providing a survey area twice the size of conventional Navy vessels
  • A hybrid ship, adapted to operational needs, built to the highest IMO standards with military reinforcements for handling weapons and communications
  • World class Naval Systems Integration expertise
  • Proven ship design expertise from the roughest waters in the world
  • Both procurement and maintenance costs significantly lower than Navy vessels, giving approximately 50% reduced Life Cycle Cost VANGUARD System

Check out Naval Library App to find out more about the specifications of the Vanguard platform.

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