Milkor South Africa Showcases Advanced Land Sea Air Milkor 380 Defense Solutions DSA 2024 Malaysia


Published on 05/07/2024 – Last Updated on 05/08/2024 by OTC

Welcome to our latest YouTube video! Today, we’re taking you inside Milkor’s impressive showcase at a major defense expo in South Africa, where they are displaying their cutting-edge defense solutions across land, air, and sea sectors. Join us as we explore the advanced capabilities of Milkor’s products, from rugged land vehicles and versatile aerial platforms to swift naval vessels. Discover how Milkor is strengthening defense strategies with innovative technologies designed for modern warfare. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell to stay updated with our content on the latest in defense and security. Let’s dive in!

Read full news about Milkor at DSA 2024 at this link

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