MSPO 2023 Day 2 International Defense Industry Fair Exhibition Kielce Poland South Korea


Published on 09/07/2023 – Last Updated on 09/07/2023 by OTC

KIELCE, POLAND – The second day of the MSPO 2023 international defense exhibition saw a flurry of activity, with a spotlight on the South Korean and Polish defense industries.

Summary of this video:
00:00 INTRO
00:15 Virtual visit at MSPO 2023 International Defense Exhibition in Kielce, Poland.
00:55 Hyundai Rotem from South Korea displays a wide range of combat vehicles, UGV, and defense products.
05:34 Polish company PGZ exhibits the new Borsuk amphibious tracked IFV Infantry Fight Vehicle.
06:43 Polish Company PGZ unveils its new Naval Turret OSU-35K armed with a 35mm automatic cannon
08:34 Ulbricht presents its range of combat helmets at DSEI 2023 Hall 4, Booth 109
09:38 Army Recognition Group provides marketing and communication for the Defense Industry
09:54 OUTRO

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MSPO 2023 Day 1 International Defense Industry Fair Exhibition Kielce Poland South Korea US Army

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