Review of new tracked and wheeled armored vehicles weapon stations from Turkish company FNSS IDEF


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Review of new tracked and wheeled armored vehicles weapon stations from Turkish company FNSS IDEF

Review about the new development of wheeled and tracked armored vehicles and weapon stations designed by the Turkish compnay FNSS displayed at IDEF 2021, defense exhibition in Turkey, including the Kaplan MT, ZAHA Marine Assault Vehicle, Kaplan STA tracked armored, Shadow Rider UGV, PARS IV 6×6, PARS NG 8×8 armored, Px6, ARS Scout SPV 6×6, PARS 4×4 STA and PARS III 6×6 with new turret.

Summary of this video:
00:00 INTRO
00:23 Kaplan medium tank fitted with a John Cockerill turret armed with a 105mm cannon
00:56 ZAHA Marine Assault Vehicle (MAV), a tracked amphibious armored vehicle
01:22 Kaplan STA Weapons Carrier Vehicle base on a tracked armored armed with anti-tank missile weapon station
01:58 Shadow Rider Autonomous unmanned vehicle fittet with a 25mm remotely controlled turret
02:30 PARS IV 6×6 Special Operations wheeled armored vehicle
03:41 PARS NG New Generation 8×8 wheeled armored vehicle
04:22 PARS Scout SPV 6×6 Special Purpose Vehicle
05:09 PARS 4×4 STA wheeled armored combat vehicle in anti-tank version
05:53 PARS III 6×6 wheeled armored combat vehicle
06:50 Subscriube to Defense Web TV news channel
07:00 OUTRO

Read more more information about FNSS at this link

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