Russia celebrates Navy Day with Naval Parades


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The Main Naval Parade for the “Russian Navy Day” was held in St.Petersburg near the Neva River and the Port of Kronstadt on 26th July, which was attended by a limited number of spectators due to sanitary and epidemiological restrictions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, and Navy Commander-in-Chief Nikolay Yevmenov review country’s most advanced vessels, warships, submarines, and more.

The main parade of the Russian Navy was attended by 46 ships, boats and vessels, including the frigate Admiral Kasatonov and the anti-submarine ship Vice-Admiral Kulakov. In addition, the reconstructed first Russian battleship of the 18th century “Poltava” stood at the head of the parade line at the Palace Bridge.

Later the task force of the maritime aviation flew over the waters. In honor of the Day of the Russian Navy, about 80 aircraft and helicopters flew over the waters of the naval bases, and over 100 units of ground equipment could be seen on land. The air part of the parade was headed by sea helicopters. Shipborne search and rescue Ka-27M, anti-submarine Ka-27PL and transport-combat Ka-29, which are at the disposal of the Black Sea Fleet.

Naval aviation in St. Petersburg was presented by Su-33, Su-30SM and MiG-29K fighters, Su-24M bombers, four-engine anti-submarine Tu-142 and Il-38. The first amphibious aircraft Be-200 of the Russian Navy flew in from Yeisk to participate in the parade. He was accompanied in the ranks by a pair of smaller flying boats Be-12 of the Black Sea Fleet.

250 ships took part in the festive events held throughout the country, which is 100 more than last year, and about 15.000 military personnel.

Russian President Putin with Minister of Defence Sergei Shoygu on a Raptor boat. (Photo Credit: Reuters)

President Putin thanked the organizers and participants in Naval Parade. “I would like to thank you, the defense ministry’s top officials, the Navy command for the preparation for and holding of the Main Naval Parade in St. Petersburg and naval parades in other cities,” Putin said.

“I was onboard a plane, reading. You know, I love to read historical literature. And I came across an article about the Main Naval Parade organized in pre-revolution Russia, in Kronshtadt. I call you right from the plane, and after that, preparations began for a Main Naval Parade in St. Petersburg and other port cities. Indeed, it is becoming, it would be right to say, it has become a very good tradition, a big holiday not only for the navy men but also for the entire country.” the Russian President added.

What’s Russian Navy Day :

Day of the Russian Navy is national holiday in the Russian Federation and a senior holiday in the Russian Armed Forces. The day honors the sailors in units of the Russian Navy and its specialized arms (Naval Aviation and the Coastal Troops consisting of the Naval Infantry and the Coastal Missile and Artillery Troops). It is celebrated annually, on the last Sunday of July.

The original version of the Russian Navy was founded in 1696 for the Tsardom of Russia. In the Soviet Union, Navy Day was established by a decree of the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR and the Central Committee of the VKPB of June 22, 1939, in June 1939; in connection with the Battle of Gangut. The holiday was cancelled on October 1, 1980, by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet. By the Decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Navy Day was reestablished.

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