Russia launches new Alexandrite-class MCM ship Anatoly Shlemov


Published on 11/28/2021 – Last Updated on 11/28/2021 by OTC

Anatoly Shlemov, the seventh mine countermeasures ship of Project 12700 (Alexandrite-class), was floated out at the Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard in St. Petersburg on Friday (26 November).

She is scheduled to start service with Russia’s Pacific Fleet in 2022.

“This is already the seventh ship we’ve launched. Furthermore, beginning with the tenth ship, an updated and entirely new series with new capabilities will be launched. In the near future, the Shipyard will lay down another magnificent ship for our customer, which we will begin building with speed and quality at the beginning of next year “Alexander Shlyakhtenko, CEO of the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau (the Project’s developer), spoke during the launch ceremony.

According to Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard Head Vladimir Seredokho, the second MCM ship of this type will be launched in April 2022. The destroyer is scheduled to be named after Rear Admiral Lev Chernavin, a Soviet submarine officer.

Alexandrite-class MCM ship Anatoly Shlemov

Anatoly Shlemov, a minesweeper, was laid down in July 2019. The warship is the eighth ship built under Project 12700 on order from the Russian Navy. The battleship was named after Vice-Admiral Anatoly Shlemov, who worked in the Navy’s Main Shipbuilding Department before becoming director of the United Shipbuilding Corporation’s Defense Procurement Department.

The Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) designed Project 12700, which marks a new generation of mine countermeasures ships. The battleships in this Project have the world’s largest monolithic fiberglass hull. The innovative hull increases the warship’s strength and provides much increased anti-mine resistance.

The Project 12700 Alexandrite-class coastal-type minesweepers from Russia are designed to hunt sea mines, which the new ships can encounter in the water and on the seabed without entering a danger zone. Minesweepers can use a variety of sweeps as well as remotely piloted and autonomous underwater drones.

The minesweeper has an indefinite service life and a corrosion-resistant hull.

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