Russian SSGN launched Granit missile in the Barents Sea


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The Russian nuclear submarine “Orel” launched a Granit cruise missile during exercises in the Barents Sea, according to a statement released today (12 September) by the Russian Northern Fleet’s press service.

“The Granit anti-ship cruise missile was fired from a submerged position at a target position imitating a large surface ship of a simulated enemy,” the press service noted.

The target was more than 100 kilometers away from the missile launch position. “According to the fleet command, the crew of the Orel nuclear submarine successfully completed the mission, demonstrating high levels of professionalism and naval skills,” the press service continued.

Admiral Alexander Moiseyev, commander of the Northern Fleet, is in charge of the exercises with the Arctic expeditionary group in the Barents Sea, which are taking place in the Arctic Ocean.

During this year’s Northern Fleet training exercises, the forces will complete a series of measures aimed at improving their operational and combat readiness. On the test ranges in Murmansk, in the waters of the Barents and Kara Seas, the Laptev Sea (near the New Siberian Islands), and on the islands of the Franz Josef Land archipelago, these tests are being held.

Up to 8,000 service members, approximately 800 units of military and special equipment, including approximately 40 tanks, 460 armored combat vehicles, up to 240 guns, mortars, and multiple launch rocket systems, approximately 120 aircraft, including unmanned aircraft, and up to 50 ships and support vessels.

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