Saab’s New Combat Boat 90 NG to be on display at DSEI 2021


Published on 08/31/2021 – Last Updated on 08/31/2021 by OTC

According to a press release issued by Saab, the company will demonstrate a new generation of the Combat Boat 90 (CB90) fast assault craft for the first time outside of Sweden.

It will be on display at the DSEI exhibition in London from 14-17 September, and visitors will have the opportunity to board the ship to learn more about its new capabilities.

There are several new capabilities as well as many of the features that made the CB90 famous in the first place in this Next Generation (CB90NG) model. Built to transport marines and other forces quickly, the CB90 is renowned for the ease with which troops can get on and off the beach, whether it is a sandy beach or an awkward, elevated rocky shore. On that foundation, the CB90 NG builds upon it and, depending on the mission, can play a variety of roles in the sensor and combat systems chain.

Saab’s CB90 NG has a new combat management system, as well as sensors for surveillance and ballistic protection. It also has improved stealth, manoeuvrability, and speed, in addition to other improvements. CB90 NG is a more potent means of projecting force from the sea than it already is because it provides amphibious forces with multi-mission capabilities.

The result of 30 years of user experience from around the world, combined with continuous technological development, this is not your typical model upgrade.” According to Anders Hellman, Vice President and Head of business unit Docksta within Saab’s business area Kockums, the result of this effort is a new platform that is capable of performing multiple functions.

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Waterborne demonstrations will be held twice daily outside the main hall, and CB90 Next Generation will be on hand to demonstrate its capabilities. Visitors are invited to come along to where the craft will be docked at the marina section outside the main hall to see the CB90 NG for themselves. Saab will be on hand to answer any questions.

DSEI will feature a CB90 NG that was recently delivered to the Swedish Navy under the designation Docksta CB 90HSM, which stands for Docksta CB 90HSM. It exemplifies how CB90 Next Generation can be customized to meet a customer’s specific requirements, and DSEI provides armed forces with the opportunity to witness and learn more about this adaptability firsthand.

Specifications of CB90 HSM (previous version):

Light 18 tons
Max Displacement 24,5 tons
Total length 16,3 meters
Length hull 14,9 meters
Beam 3,8 meters
Draught 0,9 meters
Speed and range   
Max speed with max load  45 knots
Cruise Speed at Sea state 1 or less 38 knots
Range at cruise speed 300 NM
Engines  HP, Scania Diesel V8
Water jet S32 Mix flow

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