UAE to provide Milanion Unmanned Surface Vessel to Greece


Published on 02/18/2021 – Last Updated on 02/18/2021 by OTC

The UAE-based Milanion group delivered the first Milanion Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) to Greece 90 days after signing an MOU between Milanion Group and Greece-based Aegean Projects company.

Although many MOU’s never amount to much past the signing stage, this partnership has found a ‘sweet spot’ combining world-class technology with agile delivery and cost savings.

Whilst bound by client confidentiality, Aegean Projects CEO, Vassilis Hatzigiannis said, “We are proud to announce the delivery of the Unmanned Surface Vessel conversion of the 6.8m RHIB to the Army of a NATO and EU Member State”. He added, “Our specialist teams worked around the clock to ensure the tight delivery deadline (3 months) was met on time and within budget, despite the strict and unpredictable COVID-19 restrictions”.

USV’s are a proven cost-effective method to add force multipliers to a fleet while removing personnel from dull, dirty, and dangerous situations. The USV can be configured to loiter, patrol, report, and, if required, intercept other marine traffic.

Image Source: Defence Turk

Naval Post Comment: USVs are very useful vessels, especially in the littoral waters of the Aegean Sea. If communication with the USV is provided at a reasonable level, these vessels can function effectively in the Aegean Sea’s unique structure. As the most significant rival of Greece, Turkey has been making breakthrough works in unmanned technologies. Turkish Shipyard ARES launched Turkey’s first indigenous UCSV ULAQ last week. Commissioning Milanion would be the first step of Greece in achieving balance in unmanned surface vessel technology.

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