US Approves Possible Sale of MH-60R Helicopters to Australia


Published on 10/09/2021 – Last Updated on 10/09/2021 by OTC

The U.S. State Department has approved a potential Foreign Military Sale of MH-60R Multi-Mission Helicopters, Related Defense Services, and Related Equipment to the Government of Australia for an estimated cost of $985 million. On October 8, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency submitted the required certification to Congress, informing them of the potential sale.

The first Royal Australian Navy MH-60 successfully completed its functional check flight at Lockheed Martin’s Owego, N.Y., facilities on Oct. 23, 2013. 

The Government of Australia has requested to buy twelve (12) MH-60R Multi-Mission helicopters; thirty (30) T-700-GE-401C engines (24 installed, 6 spares); twelve (12) APS-153(V) Multi-Mode Radars (installed); twelve (12) AN/AAS-44C(V) Multi-Spectral Targeting Systems (installed); thirty-four (34) Embedded Global Positioning System/Precise Positioning Service (GPS/PPS)/Inertial Navigation Systems (EGI) with Selective Availability/Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) (24 installed, 10 spares); twenty (20) Link 16 Multifunctional Information Distribution Systems (MIDS) – Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) (12 installed, 8 spares); twelve (12) GAU-61 Digital Rocket Launchers (aircraft provisions only); twelve (12) Airborne Low Frequency Sonars (ALFS) (aircraft provisions only); eighteen (18) AN/AAR-47 Missile Warning Systems (12 installed, 6 spares); eighteen (18) AN/ALE-47 Chaff and Flare Dispenser, Electronic Countermeasures (12 installed, 6 spares); twelve (12) AN/ALQ-210 Electronic Support Measures (ESM) Systems (installed); twenty-four (24) M299 Missile Launchers; twelve (12) GAU-21 Crew Served Guns aircraft provisions (installed, includes aircraft adapter, ammunition bin, and other accessories); twelve (12) M240D Crew Served Gun Cradles (installed); and eighteen (18) AN/ARQ-59 Hawklink Radio Terminals (12 installed, 6 spares). Also included are AN/ARC-210 RT-2036 UHF/VHF radios with Communications Security (COMSEC); AN/APX-123 Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) transponders; KIV-78; KIV-6; KOV-21; KGV-135A; Advanced Data Transfer Systems (ADTS); Airborne Low Frequency Sonars (ALFS) Training Simulators/Operational Machine Interface Assistants (ATS OMIA); spare engine containers; trade studies with industry to determine the feasibility and cost of implementing provisions for additional passenger seating and modifications to achieve enhanced crew survivability; defense services; spare and repair parts; support and test equipment; communication equipment; ferry support; publications and technical documentation; personnel training and training equipment; United States (U.S.) Government and contractor engineering, technical, and logistics support services; obsolescence engineering, integration, and test activities required to ensure readiness for the production of the Australian MH-60R helicopters; and other related elements of programmatic, technical and logistics support.

The total estimated value of the possible sale is $985 million.

This proposed sale will enhance Australia’s ability to conduct anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare tasks, as well as secondary duties like as vertical replenishment, search and rescue, and communications relay. The upgraded capability will be used to deter regional threats and boost Australia’s homeland defense

The principal U.S. contractor will be Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems, Owego, NY. There are no known offset agreements proposed in connection with this potential sale.

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